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Renowned designer Phil Jones is back with Airpulse’s newly announced SW8 compact 8” active subwoofer.

The SW8 is the perfect companion for active bookshelf speakers, desktop monitors, or even soundbars to augment the lower registers. It features an 8-inch long-throw woofer paired with a robust 170W RMS Class D amplifier. Airpulse says, “This potent combination ensures accurate, powerful bass response that is both deep and clean, enhancing any audio setting, from intense movie scenes to high-energy musical performances.”

The SW8 isn’t just a subwoofer; it’s a harmonious companion that seamlessly integrates with Airpulse’s A80, A100, and SM200 active speakers

Boyd Dainton, Owner and Managing Director of Audacity Australia, told StereoNET:

Airpulse is designed by famed sound engineer and speaker designer, Phil Jones and continues to bring to market affordable high-quality speakers and audio products. The Airpulse range that we carry gives Australians an added dimension to their home theatre/gaming room performance. It is the ideal house setup for family entertainment.

The built-in analog preamp ensures precise and impactful audio delivery, allowing you to feel the music and be immersed in movies. You can also control the SW8’s gain, low-pass crossover, and phase controls. Tailor low-frequency tones to seamlessly blend with your speakers, creating an audio atmosphere that suits your room perfectly. With line-level/LFE RCA inputs, you can connect the SW8 easily to other active speakers, soundbars, or AV receivers with ease.

The Airpulse SW8 will be available in July 2024 and will sell for $699 RRP in Australia.

For more information visit Airpulse

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