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Partnering for Smart Home Innovation: CEDIA and Audacity Australia


CEDIA, the global industry association and central touch point for smart home technology, has been at the forefront of the home technology industry since its founding in 1989. Established by a group of professionals dedicated to advancing the electronic systems industry. CEDIA’s mission is to advocate for home technology professionals, providing cutting-edge education, developing industry standards, and serving as the industry’s only certifying body. This commitment ensures the highest levels of professionalism within the industry.

Growing the Industry

CEDIA has played a pivotal role in the growth of the smart home technology industry. Through timely industry education and certification, research initiatives, legislative advocacy, and building relationships with architects, builders, and interior designers. CEDIA has helped elevate the standards and knowledge within the industry. Recognizing industry achievement and educating consumers have also been key components of CEDIA’s efforts to advance the field.

Understanding the Professional Smart Home Technology Industry

The integrated systems industry comprises companies that design, manufacture, install, integrate, and automate smart home and intelligent building products, systems, and services. Professionals in this industry are experts in disciplines such as audio/video, networking, telecommunications, lighting, system control and integration, user interfaces, and surveillance and security systems. Their specialized skills include computer programming, systems interfacing, acoustical theory, and video calibration, enabling them to create seamless, integrated technology experiences for both residential and commercial environments.

Community and Support

CEDIA’s community is the heart of its mission. With nearly 4,300 members worldwide, CEDIA offers a wealth of knowledge, experience, and peer-to-peer interaction. The association provides tailored advice and support to trade suppliers, helping them reach their goals and improve their businesses through market intelligence, networking opportunities, and recognition programs such as the Smart Home Awards and Tech + Business Summits.

What CEDIA Offers

  • Market Intelligence: Stay informed about the latest trends and statistics in the smart home industry.
  • Smart Home Awards: Recognize top projects, products, and individuals in the industry.
  • Tech + Business Summits: Showcase upcoming smart home technology and future trends.
  • Integrated Systems Europe (ISE): Attend a leading technology event featuring innovators and solutions providers.
  • CEDIA Expo: Discover new products, engage with exhibitors, and gain valuable education through CEDIA and manufacturer-led training.

Audacity and Cedia

Audacity Australia proudly partners with CEDIA to represent esteemed brands such as WiiM, Taga CI, Taga Hifi, Silcron, Lenco, and Airpulse. Becoming a CEDIA member means joining a global community of smart home professionals. CEDIA membership offers access to specialized assistance, education, resources, and opportunities that enable members to realize their full potential. Through events, courses, certifications, and networking, CEDIA members are at the forefront of promoting the smart home technology profession.

For more information about Cedia and to stay updated with the latest news in the ICT industry, visit Cedia’s official website. To learn more about Audacity Australia and the brands we represent, explore our website.