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Introduction to Audacity Australia and WiiM

Welcome to Audacity Australia, the premier wholesaler and distributor of WiiM products in Australia. In partnership with WiiM, we bring innovative audio streaming solutions to businesses across the country. Our mission is to provide retailers with access to a range of high-quality, cutting-edge audio products that meet the evolving needs of consumers.

Are you looking to expand your offerings with innovative and accessible audio streaming solutions? Look no further than WiiM, a brand renowned for its high-quality products and dedication to simplicity and affordability.

This comprehensive guide, developed specifically for Audacity Australia‘s current and future WiiM retailers, provides you with the knowledge and insights needed to confidently introduce WiiM to your customers and boost your audio streaming sales.

Why Partner with Audacity Australia?

As the official WiiM distributor in Australia, we offer you:

  • Competitive wholesale pricing
  • Reliable stock availability
  • Dedicated support and training
  • Exclusive marketing resources and promotions

Who is WiiM?

WiiM, backed by its parent company Linkplay, is at the forefront of audio streaming technology. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, WiiM has garnered acclaim for its consumer-friendly designs, superior sound quality and great value for money. As the official distributor in Australia, Audacity Australia is proud to offer WiiM’s range of products, including the WiiM Amp, WiiM Mini, WiiM Pro, and WiiM Pro Plus.

WiiM’s Product Range: A Deep Dive

WiiM Mini:

  • The budget-friendly champion: This compact streamer is perfect for entry-level audiophiles and those seeking a multi-room solution. Its affordability doesn’t compromise on quality, offering Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and AirPlay 2 connectivity.
  • Small but mighty: Despite its size, the Mini boasts a capable DAC for clear and enjoyable sound.
  • Easy streaming: Control your music seamlessly through the user-friendly Wiim app (App store, Google play) or directly from your phone or tablet.
  • Multi-room magic: Create a synchronized soundscape throughout your home by adding multiple Mini speakers to your system.

WiiM Pro:

  • The feature-packed powerhouse: This versatile streamer caters to audio enthusiasts seeking a balance between features and sound quality.
  • Advanced audio: Experience rich and detailed sound with the premium Burr-Brown DAC.
  • Streaming flexibility: Enjoy music from your favourite services like Spotify, Tidal, and Apple Music through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Chromecast built-in, or analogue inputs.
  • Multi-room maestro: Connect multiple Pro devices to create a seamless and immersive multi-room listening experience.
  • Voice control: Control your music hands-free with Google Assistant or Alexa.

WiiM Pro Plus:

  • The audiophile’s choice: This premium streamer prioritizes top-notch audio performance with its upgraded DAC, delivering even richer and more nuanced sound.
  • Uncompromising quality: Discerning listeners will appreciate the Pro Plus’s refined audio reproduction, ideal for high-fidelity music enjoyment.
  • Feature-rich foundation: Enjoy all the advanced features of the Pro, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Chromecast built-in, analogue inputs, multi-room capabilities, and voice control.


  • The all-in-one solution: This powerful streaming amplifier combines the Pro’s functionalities with a built-in amp, eliminating the need for separate components.
  • Space-saving convenience: Enjoy powerful audio and streaming capabilities in a single compact unit, perfect for smaller spaces or streamlined setups.
  • Amplified performance: Delivering 60 watts per channel at 8 ohms, the AMP ensures clear and dynamic sound for your speakers.
  • Feature-packed experience: Access all the advanced features of the Pro, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Chromecast built-in, analogue inputs, multi-room capabilities, and voice control.

Unlocking WiiMs Key Selling Points:

  • Rich Feature Set: Multi-room audio, AirPlay 2, Chromecast built-in, and support for various streaming services.
  • Exceptional Audio Quality: From the Mini’s capable DAC to the Pro Plus’s audiophile-grade performance.
  • Ease of Use: User-friendly app for both tech-savvy and casual users.
  • Competitive Pricing: Exceptional value for money, attracting budget-conscious customers.
  • Future-Proof Technology: Regular firmware updates ensure access to the latest features and bug fixes.

Becoming a WiiM Retailer with Audacity Australia

Retailers interested in expanding their product offerings with WiiM’s range of audio streamers are invited to partner with Audacity Australia. As a wholesaler and distributor of WiiM range pf products, we provide comprehensive support, competitive wholesale pricing, and marketing assistance to ensure our partners succeed in the dynamic retail landscape.

For more information on becoming a WiiM retailer, give us a call on (03) 9645-3887 or email us at info@audacityaustralia.com.au

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