eMEET Flexible Octopus Mini Tripod

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The EMEET Flexible Octopus Mini Tripod is the ultimate solution for capturing stunning shots with unparalleled flexibility and stability. With its 360° ball head design, enjoy seamless rotation for horizontal, vertical, or any tilt angle, ensuring every frame is perfect. Its universal 1/4″ threaded hole and included phone holder cater to smartphones, cameras, and webcams, offering versatility beyond imagination. Crafted from tough aluminium cores and non-slip rubber, it boasts a maximum load bearing of 2kg, guaranteeing steady shots even in challenging conditions. Compact and portable, with a height of 28cm and weighing just 288g, it’s your go-to accessory for on-the-go creativity.

360° ball head design supports 360° rotation for either horizontal.
Portable and flexible
2kg maximum load bearing
Suitable for Smartphones, Cameras or Webcams
Universal 1/4″ threaded hole and Includes Phone holder.
Tough aluminium cores and non-slip rubber provide ultra stability
Compact design with a height of 28cm and only 288g
Bends and flexes into any position for your creation.
Use for Clamping, as a Handheld or Desktop