EMEET Floor Tripod

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Versatile and Durable Support for Professional Equipment

The EMEET Floor Tripod is a robust and adaptable tripod designed to provide stable support for a variety of professional equipment. Its construction and features make it an ideal choice for photographers, videographers, and professionals who require reliable and flexible support for their devices.

Key Features:

Universal Compatibility: The tripod comes with a 1/4″ screw thread and a 3/8″ PTZ screw thread, making it compatible with a wide range of devices, including cameras, video equipment, and other professional gear.
Adjustable and Telescoping Legs: The tripod features four telescoping legs that can be easily adjusted to various heights, providing versatility in different shooting environments. The adjustable buckle allows for quick and secure adjustments.
Maximum Load Bearing of 5kg: With a sturdy build, the EMEET Floor Tripod can support equipment weighing up to 5kg, ensuring stability and security for heavier devices.
Premium Anodizing Aluminum Construction: Made from high-quality anodizing aluminum, the tripod is not only durable but also lightweight, making it easy to transport and set up.
Professional Damping Spherical Panoramic PTZ: The tripod includes a professional damping spherical panoramic PTZ for increased accuracy and stability in capturing panoramic shots.
Dual Levels for Enhanced Precision: The tripod is equipped with dual levels, aiding in achieving a balanced and precise setup for your equipment.
Detachable Legs for Compact Storage: The legs of the tripod can be detached, allowing for compact storage and easy transportation.
Sponge Pads for Extra Grip: The tripod features sponge pads for ultra-strong wear resistance and additional grip, ensuring the stability of your setup.