EMEET Meeting Capsule Pro Room Kit


EMEET Meeting Capsule Pro Room Kit

360° All-in-One AI Conference Room Kit with Wireless Co-Camera.


All Set for Hybrid Collaboration

Dual 4K Lenses Capture

Upgraded Image Quality

Featuring dual 4K lenses and a Sony sensor, the Meeting Capsule Pro is able to deliver stunning visuals to the remote end, allowing every attendee to be seen crystal-clear.

Following the Speaker…All the Time

The AI-powered speaker tracking allows up to 3 attendees to be zoomed in on while they’re speaking so that remote team members can hear and see whoever’s speaking clearly as if they’re seated in the room.

Even Better Together

Video Daisy Chain wirelessly with an additional portable, versatile co-camera in different scenarios to deliver a more immersive hybrid meeting experience.

Hi-Fi Speaker
Hear Louder and Clearer
Hear the remote side louder and clearer with the powerful 10W Hi-Fi speaker anywhere in the conference room.
10 Watt Hi-Fi Speaker

Noise Cancellation
Get Yourself Heard
The Meeting Capsule Pro boasts 8 omni-directional and 2 noise cancelling mics that are enhanced with a cutting-edge voiceIA algorithm so that it provides a complete 360° voice pickup in a radius of 18ft, making sure everyone is heard wherever they’re in the room.
8+2 mics 360° coverage 18ft pickup radius

Full Duplex Audio
Smooth and Seamless Communication
Our exclusive DSP algorithm VoiceIA enables cancelling up to 2969 types of noises, including transient noises and continuously steady background noises, toghether with the full duplex audio, the Meeting Capsule Pro makes communication smoother and collaboration a breeze.
2969types of noises cancelled


Seamless Solution for Hybrid Collaboration

Daisy Chain with other EMEET devices to extend the audio coverage for larger conference rooms.

EMEET Meeting Capsule Pro Room Kit

Experience a more immersive and intelligent hybrid meeting with the EMEET Meeting Capsule Pro Room Kit.
Whether you’re delivering a keynote speech, demonstrating with a whiteboard or making other presentation, we’ve got you all covered.
Plug and Play
Set and meet. Be meeting-ready in seconds with the plug-and-play convenience, user-friendly control and various mounting ways of the Meeting Capsule Pro.

Out-of-the-Box Compatibility

EMEET devices are designed to seamlessly integrate with the most popular operating systems and platforms, giving you the flexibility to work across multiple devices and environments.

Additional information

Weight 1.055 kg
Dimensions 36.9 × 19.2 × 16.7 cm