eMeet SmartCam C960 2k High Resolution Webcam with Dual Microphones


EMEET SmartCam C960 2K

2K High Resolution Webcam with Dual Microphones

High-quality 2K resolution with 76°FOV, two noise-cancellation microphones with a pickup distance of up to 8ft, latest noise-cancellation chip, using TOF tech to perform extremely high-speed autofocusing, providing you with the most immersive personal online meetings.

Present Yourself

With the 2K@30FPS high-quality imaging, you can freely express yourself to everyone, show your professionalism to all and turn yourself into the main character in the meeting.

C960 2K
Others 1080P

Pinpoint Focus

The TOF Technology makes the camera focus on you with extreme speed, no need to make any physical adjustment to the webcam.

Focusing on You

The 76°FOV optimized for your personal use, no extra background will be capture to distract the others or expose your location. Automatically optimizing your lighting conditions, making sure you staying sharp the whole time.

Noise-Cancellation Tech

The latest noise-cancellation chip to reduce the background noises while picking up your voice, providing a crystal-clear voice to your meeting participants.

Speak Freely

Dual-microphones to pick up your voice effectively, with a pickup distance up to 8ft and with the AGC algorithm, allow your audio volume be balance no matter how quite/loud you speak.

Ease of Use

360° rotatable basepod, start your meeting within seconds, with no additional installation required, and use the time on other important jobs.

Flippable Privacy Cover

Flip the privacy cover upward to start your wonderful video calls or flip it down to shelter the lens and protect your privacy immediately.

Personalise Your Needs & Stay Updated

Using the EMEETLINK to personalise your setting to meet all your needs in different scenarios, also using the EMEETLINK to continuously update your camera software.

Adapt to Multiple Scenarios and Live Effectively

Whether you are engaged in live broadcasting, online teaching, home office, or other industries, you can easily use EMEET C960 2K to achieve more efficient work and learning.

Universal Compatibility

Compatible with all mainstream operation systems and meeting platforms.

Additional information

Weight 0.133 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5.9 × 5.5 cm