FutureTour ANC Headphones – Black

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Elevate your audio experience with FutureTour headphones, featuring Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling for crystal-clear communication. Proprietary technology monitors and cancels outside noise, eliminating the need for a mic arm and reducing background disturbances. The Icebreaker Battery Backup ensures an uninterrupted 40 hours of playtime, with quick charging to keep the music flowing all day. Engage in crystal-clear calls with the advanced HD Voice mic system, while enjoying comfort with the soft fit foam cover blocking external sounds. FutureTour delivers balanced, high-fidelity audio for a true surround experience. Experience faster, stable connections with wireless 5.2 technology, and when low on battery, seamlessly continue with the included AUX cable. Enjoy music on the go with the portable foldable design.

Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling
Be heard loud and crystal clear with FutureTour. The device is shield with proprietary technology that continuously monitors and measures outside noise and cancels it with the opposite signal. The advanced audio signal processing smartly eliminates the need for a mic arm and reduces background noises.

Icebreaker Battery Backup
FutureTour never kills your vibe. The device is committed to offering you 40 hours of continuous playtime and amazes you with quick charging to continue listening all day.

Crystal-Clear Call
FutureTour serves an advanced mic system with HD Voice that provides clarity in conversation.

All-Day Comfort with Soft Fit Foam Cover
Enjoy your music in comfort with a beautifully finished newly developed foam cover. FutureTour has the highest quality soft material that keeps you under less pressure on the ears while keeping out external sounds.

Built Better Sound
FutureTour headphones deliver carefully balanced, high-fidelity audio, which is compatible with a true surround experience.

Experience faster and more stable connections with our wireless 5.2 technology, so you can move freely without any interruptions for an unparalleled wireless listening experience.

AUX Cable
Running out of battery and you’re almost on the way to reaching the finish line? FutureTour gives you an add-on feature of AUX cable to continue your play music without compromising on the sound quality.

Key Features
· Active Noise Cancelling -20dB
· Crystal-Clear Calls
· Up to 40 hours of continuous playtime
· All-Day Comfort with Soft Fit Foam Cover
· High Bass with pure sound
· AUX cable and connection for wired connection
· Bluetooth wireless 5.2 with 10-meter range
· Portable foldable design