Lenco LBT-335 Bamboo Turntable with Bluetooth Transmission

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The Lenco LBT-335BA is a turntable with Bluetooth® functionality. Connecting this turntable to your Bluetooth® speaker or headphones is easy and convenient providing the ideal set-up for enjoying a full warm sound while lounging on your couch at home. Retrieve your old records from the attic and play them on this modern turntable. Enjoy the crystal-clear sound of your vinyl, both old and new. Switch from 33 to 45 rpm to play your vinyl record at the right speed.

The Lenco LBT-335 is equiped with an award winning cartridge Ortofon 2M RED.

Included is an analogue to digital conversion system, with a USB connection easily archive your precious vinyl to your computer using the USB port on the back of the turntable.

The LBT-335 has a metal turntable platter, belt drive, RCA connection and an arm with a counterweight. The plastic cover ensures that your turntable does not disappear under a layer of dust and protects it from any outside damage.

The turntable comes complete with CE-UK multi-plug and AC power supply adapter.

The Lenco LBT-335 comes with a plinth that is real FSC bamboo.

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Dimensions 36 × 42 × 12.6 cm