Ripple Speaker – Blue

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The RIPPLE Portable Bluetooth Speaker, a powerhouse of modern tech for an exceptional audio experience. Crafted with innovative transducers, it promises crystal-clear sound, delivering distinct instruments, nuanced vocals, and balanced treble and bass. The RIPPLE adjusts brilliantly in any position, providing balanced tones whether standing upright, downward, or hanging from a backpack. With its power-coated silicone exterior, it’s stylish, sturdy, and built for adventure, resistant to peeling, flaking, and rust corrosion. Tested to meet an IPX7 rating, RIPPLE is dustproof and waterproof, ensuring it survives any environment. Enjoy up to 12 hours of playtime and effortless wireless connectivity with Bluetooth 5.3, making RIPPLE the perfect companion for your music on the go.

Loaded with ultra-modern tech components, the RIPPLE is crafted with innovative transducers that promises to deliver crystal-clear sound. This portable Wireless speaker is committed to delivering distinct instruments, nuances in the vocals, and balanced treble and bass.

RIPPLE brilliantly adjusts and optimizes the sound. Whether it’s standing upright or downwards or hanging from a backpack, the speaker will always deliver balanced tones.

With its power-coated silicone exterior, the RIPPLE Wireless speaker is purposely built to make your adventure momentous. It carries a tough exterior texture that ensures it won’t peel or flake and is resistant to rust corrosion.

RIPPLE provides a great video and movie experience as it has a better soundstage and lower latency with Android and iOS devices. Some apps compensate for latency, however, so your real-world experience may vary.
The build quality of the RIPPLE plays a heavy role in how the sound is produced. It has got a mix of retro amplifiers and tweeter units placed inside a smaller form factor.

Meticulously tested to meet an IPX7 rating, RIPPLE is involved with dustproof and waterproof technology inside out. No matter, if you dunk it in water or a dusty platform, it’ll keep on playing and extend your vibe meter at its best.

Planning to jam in an amazing lake-side view? RIPPLE pumps out up to 12 hours of battery life that lasts for a sufficient timeframe. The portable Wireless speaker is a good add-on to your party.

RIPPLE has TWS pair-to-play technology involved that gives access to connect two speakers at a time and double the volume in the surrounding.

Coming with Wireless of with 5.3 support, it ensures easy connectivity. RIPPLE makes it feasible to connect the device to a smartphone/desktop/tablet and lets you enjoy the music on the go.

Key Features
· Powerful 10W tweeter and 20W Woofer delivers loud, crystal clear sound with powerful bass
· Up to 12 hours of playtime
· Tough exterior with multipurpose strap
· Adjusts and optimizes the sound standing upright, downwards or hanging from a backpack
· USB-C 10W fast charging
· Fast and stable pairing with wireless Bluetooth 5.3
· Waterproof and dustproof with an IPX7 rating
· TWS Pair to Play lets to connect two speakers at a time