Silcron Encore Turntable with PC Encoding – Black

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Experience the age-old attraction of vinyls with the Silcron Encore turntable. Designed to deliver exceptional sound quality, this turntable redefines your listening experience, bringing out the full richness and depth of your favourite records.

Crafted with a sturdy wooden cabinet and available in two variants – Black and Pine – the Silcron Encore Turntable adds a touch of sophistication to any audio setup.
Simple and intuitive to use, the Silcron Encore turntable features convenient amenities such as auto-stop functionality, belt drive operation. Play your records at either 33 RPM or 45 RPM with the flick of a switch, while the removable plastic cover keeps dust at bay when not in use.

But the Silcron Encore Turntable offers more than just analogue nostalgia. With its USB port, you can effortlessly digitize your cherished vinyl collection, transforming your favourite tracks into digital files. Connect the turntable to your computer and preserve your music for future generations, ensuring that your vinyl treasures remain accessible wherever you go.

– Wooden base turntable for added durability and stability
– Full-sized platter with a diameter of 300 mm
– USB port enables PC connection for vinyl-to-digital conversion
– RCA line output for seamless connectivity to external audio devices
– Two rated speed settings: 33 RPM and 45 RPM
– Equipped with a Moving Magnetic Cartridge (MMC) for superior sound reproduction
– Belt drive mechanism ensures smooth and reliable operation
– Includes a removable plastic dust cover to protect the turntable when not in use

Immerse yourself in the world of vinyl with the Silcron Encore Turntable´┐Ża blend of classic elegance and modern convenience.

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