Silcron Speaker Stands 700mm

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The Silcron Podium Quad-L 70cm Steel Speaker Stand, engineered to optimize the placement of your Hi-Fi bookshelf or centre-channel speakers for an immersive listening experience. Standing at 700mm tall, these stands ensure your speakers align perfectly with ear level, allowing you to capture every detail and nuance of your audio system.

Each stand comes equipped with height-adjustable decoupling spikes on every foot, offering flexibility to adapt to various floor inclinations while effectively absorbing unwanted vibrations during playback. This results in a clearer and more precise sound reproduction.

Crafted from sturdy steel, the Podium Tri-S can support speakers weighing up to 18 kg each, ensuring stability and reliability over time.

With its meticulous design and durable construction, our Speaker Stand not only enhances your audio experience but also adds a touch of sophistication to any environment.

– Support speakers weighing up to 18kg.
– Sturdy and durable steel construction
– Quad pillar design with Classic Matt Black finish
– Height-adjustable decoupling spikes
– Stand height 700mm
– Suitable For Most Bookshelf Speakers