Silcron Ultimate Vinyl Collectors Kit


Silcron Ultimate Vinyl Collectors Kit

Introducing the Ultimate Vinyl Collectors Kit by Silcron – the ultimate package designed to give you everything you need to keep your precious records in tip-top shape. Whether you’re a seasoned vinyl enthusiast, or just starting your journey into the world of analogue music, this comprehensive kit has all you need to preserve and cherish your vinyl treasures for years to come.

The centrepiece of the kit is the Silcron LP-80, a sturdy aluminium record case, thoughtfully designed to accommodate up to 50 12 inch vinyl records. It’s durable construction ensures your cherished collection remains safe and protected. The interior has a luxurious velvet lining to prevent scratches or damage to your record, with a sturdy metal buckle ensuring your collection remains in place.

Inside the LP-80 record case you will find a few goodies! You will have a 50 pack of outer sleeves to keep your records safe, a 2 in 1 record cleaning brush and a 500mL bottle of specialized cleaning fluid.

The 2 in 1 record cleaning brush has a velvet side to clean your records wet or dry, removing all the dust and debris. On the other side you will find a carbon fibre brush to remove static from your LPs to keep them in great condition.

Along with the record brush, you will have a 500mL bottle of a specialised record cleaning fluid to work with your brush, to get even the deepest dirt and dust from your precious vinyls.

The Complete Vinyl Collectors Kit brings you all the essential components to keep vinyl records in great condition for generations to come. It makes the perfect gift for that special someone who has a passion for their collection.

Kit Includes:

  • Silcron LP-80 Aluminium Carrying Case
  • Silcron Records Outer Sleeves – 50 pack
  • Silcron 2 in 1 Record Cleaning Brush
  • Silcron Specialized Record Cleaning Fluid 500mL

Additional information

Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 35 × 11.5 × 36 cm