XtremeMac Travel Foldable Stand

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Foldable and adjustable aluminum stand


Create a comfortable and adequate working set up by improving your viewing and seating position while using your laptop or tablet.

Ultra-slim and fully foldable, the XtremeMac aluminum stand is made to be easily transported and used whenever and wherever you need at home, the office, in a coffee place or traveling in a train or a plane, to work or watch videos and movies.

Adjustable, 6 different viewing angles are available from 15° to 40° to fit any person and situation.

With a strong aluminum structure , the stands are extremely resistant and durable. The 4 non-slip silicone mats will help stabilising the device on the stand, while protecting it from scratches.

  • Fully foldable.
  • Slim, light and easily portable.
  • Adjustable viewing angle: 6 different levels.
  • Improve ventilation to avoid overheating of the device.
  • Strong aluminum structure for great durability.
  • 4 non-slip silicone mats to stabilize the device and protect it from scratches.
  • Can support up to 16kg.

Any laptop or tablet.