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“” reviews our TCD-50 CD player.

TAGA Harmony TCD-50 is a successful CD player from the entry-level price group. I didn’t expect miracles from it, but it showed itself quite well. First of all, it avoided the traps that inexpensive devices sometimes tend to fall into. There is no showing off in the form of, for example, artificial boosting of the bass or resolution, which is supposed to “catch” the buyer. There is, however, a good, neutral tonal balance with cohesion of the bands, good precision and selectivity of the sound. There are also surprises. First of all, the spaciousness of the presentation, openness and freedom of creating the stage are absolutely excellent at this – and not only at this price. And also very good dynamics, rhythm and joy of playing music. It is a bit worse with the richness of the presentation, the saturation of colors, the rendering of the texture of the sound of the instruments. However, in this respect, the TAGA CD player does not differ from what players at the similar price present. Have a listen if you’re looking for an affordable CD player.

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