Credits: TAGA | AudioMuzoFans

AudioMuzoFans awards BEST BUY to TCD-50 CD player (03-2023).

In this budget, we get a universal, quite neutral, evenly sounding CD player.

It’s rather a present-time, even a modern way of “playing” and, in my opinion, that’s how it should look like.
The music lover will not only be satisfied with the precision and smoothness of the sound, but as well as with the looks of the device.

TAGA Harmony TCD-50 is able to surprise with dynamics and energy, and at the same time there will be no lack of emotion and neat timbre.

If your CDs collection has not shrunk or you are building it from scratch and you are looking for a new player, then TAGA will be a good choice and in my opinion it is worthy of attention and the BEST BUY award.

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