In the world of vinyl records, where the charm of analogue sound meets the precision of modern technology, the LENCO LBT-345WA stands out as a masterpiece. This turntable, a part of Lenco’s esteemed lineup, is not just a device for playing vinyl records; it’s an experience that blends high-fidelity sound with elegant design.

The LENCO LBT-345WA boasts a housing in an exclusive walnut colour, exuding elegance and style. The warm tones of the turntable add a touch of refinement, making it a visually delightful addition to any interior setting. The design of the LBT-345WA is a testament to Lenco’s commitment to combining aesthetic appeal with functional excellence.

Audio Quality and Features

At the heart of the LBT-345WA’s audio experience is the award-winning Ortofon 2M Red cartridge. Renowned for its ability to bring every note to life with precision, this cartridge is a favorite among true audio enthusiasts. The turntable also features a chrome-plated record stabilizer, enhancing the stability and quality of playback.

The LBT-345WA is equipped with a metal turntable platter, a carbon fiber tonearm with a counterweight, and a felt slipmat, ensuring smooth and accurate playback. The detachable dust cover keeps your records clean, preserving the quality of sound.

Modern Connectivity

Embracing modern technology, the LBT-345WA features Bluetooth® 5.2 connectivity, allowing you to wirelessly connect to your favourite Bluetooth speakers or headphones. This feature brings the rich sounds of vinyl into the modern audio world, providing a seamless blend of the past and present.


  • Belt-driven turntable with two speed settings: 33 RPM and 45 RPM
  • Bluetooth® 5.2 for wireless audio streaming
  • Ortofon 2M Red cartridge for high-fidelity sound
  • Chrome-plated record stabilizer for enhanced playback stability
  • Carbon fiber tonearm with a counterweight for precise tracking
  • Metal turntable platter and felt slipmat for smooth operation
  • Detachable dust cover to protect your records


The LENCO LBT-345WA is more than just a turntable; it’s a statement piece that speaks volumes about the owner’s taste in both music and design. Whether you’re a seasoned audiophile or new to the world of vinyl, the LBT-345WA offers an unparalleled listening experience, marrying the nostalgic charm of vinyl with the clarity and convenience of modern technology.

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