“AUDIO Video” 2022/2023 YEAR AWARD for the best streaming player in the economy class goes to TWA-10B!

We start our annual list with the least expensive product.
TAGA TWA-10B is a rather inconspicuous streamer, It is an excellent proposition for entry or lower-mid level systems’ owners – both those conventional and those based on active speakers, and without network connectivity. A firmly made device with an aluminum housing is equipped with two types of outputs: analog RCA and digital, which broadens the range of applications. Key features include: Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect, UPnP and Bluetooth. Recommended apps provide a convenient control and access to a wide range of streaming platforms. The digital-to-analog section uses the ESS Technology ES9023 converter, while the power supply is external, 5-volt, which allows for easy upgrades.

In terms of sound, this player cannot be criticized – it offers a non-fatiguing, slightly vivid sound with the correct balance of registers, good stereophony, sufficient precision and dynamics.

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