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Wiim Amp

  • Rating Highlights: Chosen as DT Editors’ Choice
  • Editorial Summary: “The Wiim Amp offers unparalleled value as an all-in-one integrated amplifier and network media streamer.”


  • Highly cost-effective
  • Modern, minimalist aesthetic
  • Straightforward to configure
  • Robust application compatibility
  • Dynamic, robust, and captivating audio performance
  • Supports both Bluetooth and AirPlay 2-way communication
  • Comes with Chromecast integration

Offering a vast array of functionalities at a modest price, the Wiim Amp stands out as a versatile powerhouse in audio technology. It seamlessly integrates the roles of a multi-source amplifier, wireless music player, Amazon Alexa-enabled device, and TV companion. When paired with quality passive speakers and, if desired, a subwoofer, this compact device transforms into a comprehensive sound system.


Potential Sonos Rival?
  • The Wiim Amp, part of LinkPlay’s product family, has been gaining notable attention for bringing Sonos-like features to a broader audience without the premium cost. The Wiim Pro previously demonstrated this value proposition by offering an affordable alternative to the Sonos Port, signalling Wiim’s intent to directly compete with Sonos’ market dominance, albeit with some distinctions in offerings.

Unboxing the Wiim Amp
  • The package includes all necessary cables (power, HDMI, optical, and stereo RCA) and a Bluetooth voice remote, although batteries for the remote are not provided. An Ethernet cable for wired internet connection is optional due to Wi-Fi capability, and an RCA coaxial cable is needed for connecting a powered subwoofer.

Design Inspiration
  • With a design ethos evidently inspired by Apple, the Wiim Amp sports an aluminium casing available in silver or space grey, appealing to modern tastes and capable of blending seamlessly into contemporary interior designs.

Connectivity and Setup
  • The Wiim Amp impresses with a broad array of input and output options, including HDMI ARC, optical, analogue line-in, USB-A for storage devices, and Ethernet, alongside wireless standards like Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay, and Chromecast. While it lacks a digital USB input for PC audio and a headphone output, its versatility in connection methods compensates for these omissions.

Performance and Usability
  • The Wiim Amp is notable for its sound quality and power efficiency, capable of driving a wide range of speakers. Its compatibility with high-resolution audio up to 24-bit/192kHz and support for MQA format stand out for audiophiles seeking the highest fidelity in their listening experience.

Conclusion and Market Comparison
  • At its price point, the Wiim Amp represents exceptional value, balancing high-quality audio performance with versatile functionality. While comparisons with Sonos are inevitable, the Wiim Amp holds its own by offering a compelling alternative for users looking for a rich feature set at a more accessible price.

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