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The audio landscape within smart homes is transforming significantly, thanks to innovations like the WiiM Amp. Launched by the global technology powerhouse WiiM in November 2023, this amplifier has quickly become a game-changer. Offering an impeccable audio experience with high-resolution, lossless quality, and multi-room functionality, the WiiM Amp has now achieved the “Roon Ready” certification from Roon Labs. 

This development is not merely an enhancement; it’s a leap forward in audio technology integration, promising an elevated experience for users worldwide.

The “Roon Ready” certification marks a new era for the WiiM Amp, which is already acclaimed for its premium audio delivery and innovative features. This certification signals seamless integration with Roon’s sophisticated digital ecosystem, known for connecting various aspects of the music journey – from streaming to exploring rich artist biographies and creating a navigable digital magazine of your music collection.

  • Seamless Connectivity: Achieving “Roon Ready” status means the WiiM Amp effortlessly connects to Roon without additional setup, transforming users’ interactions with their music.
  • Enhanced Audio Experience: The certification ensures the WiiM Amp supports bit-perfect playback, upsampling, and multi-channel support, enriching the listening experience.

Roon Labs’ technology and the WiiM Amp’s capabilities create a perfect blend of performance and simplicity. This collaboration elevates the quality and versatility of users’ audio systems, offering an intuitive and immersive way to enjoy music. It represents a significant stride forward in making sophisticated audio experiences accessible and enjoyable for music enthusiasts everywhere.

The introduction of the “Roon Ready” WiiM Amp has set a new benchmark in the smart home audio segment. Its launch signifies more than technological advancement; it heralds a new age of connected home entertainment where quality and convenience converge.

  • Affordable Luxury: At $299, the WiiM Amp makes high-end audio accessible to a broader audience, ensuring that top-notch sound quality isn’t a luxury but a standard.
  • Universal Compatibility: This amplifier is designed to complement and enhance any existing home audio setup, making it a versatile addition to smart homes.

The strategic partnership between WiiM and Roon Labs emphasizes the commitment to delivering products and experiences that enrich lives. It reflects a shared vision of making sophisticated audio systems user-friendly, ensuring that high-quality music streaming is available.


What is “Roon Ready”? “Roon Ready” means a device is certified by Roon Labs to seamlessly integrate with their network, ensuring optimal performance and user experience.

How does the WiiM Amp benefit from being “Roon Ready”? The certification enhances the WiiM Amp’s functionality, allowing for effortless discovery and connection to Roon. It enriches the audio experience with high-resolution streaming and access to expansive music information.


The WiiM Amp’s receipt of the “Roon Ready” certification is a landmark moment for audio enthusiasts and smart home users. By blending high-resolution audio performance with Roon’s expansive music universe, WiiM sets a new standard in the industry. 

This advancement not only simplifies the setup and enhances the listening experience but also reaffirms WiiM’s commitment to innovation and excellence in smart home technology. With the WiiM Amp, users can dive deeper into their music collections and discover a richer, more immersive audio world.

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