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WiiM, a global technology company offering premium smart home experiences through affordable connected AI products, has announced the WiiM Amp has received the Roon Ready certification from Roon Labs.

The WiiM Amp, launched in November 2023, is the brand’s first amplifier. It amp provides homeowners with a user-friendly audio experience with hi-res, and lossless quality while enabling multiroom functionality and connectivity to a plethora of technologies. Wiim asserts that its newest line-up addition significantly simplifies an audio system set-up while reducing the total system cost for music enthusiasts.

“We aim to provide the utmost value to our users with every new launch, and achieving the Roon Ready certification is a step forward for the newest line-up addition,” says Lifeng Zhao, CEO of Linkplay Technology. “The WiiM Amp is designed to elevate and unify users’ audio systems, and with the Roon Ready certification, the sound quality and system versatility reach new heights.”

The WiiM Amp, now equipped with Roon Ready, presents a networked audio platform that supports multiroom and multi-user functionality. Roon provides a dynamic and immersive method for exploring, arranging, and enjoying music. It automatically retrieves artist photos, credits, biographies, reviews, lyrics, tour dates, and composer information, connecting them through links to create a navigable digital magazine. It ensures bit-perfect playback, DSD and PCM upsampling, and multichannel support, and displays the Signal Path.

The home audio company boasts that WiiM Amp streamers can effortlessly discover and connect to Roon, ensuring flawless audio without any need for setup. Together, the company adds, Roon and WiiM bring the convenience and reliability of networked audio, offering powerful performance with an easy setup. integrators can set their clientele up to use Roon on various devices, including Mac, Windows, and Linux PCs, or on products that include Roon OS devices.

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