WiiM is set to launch its Professional CI Series, aimed at transforming both residential and commercial custom installations. This new line is the result of a collaboration between WiiM and Origin Acoustics, combining cutting-edge streaming audio software and hardware with architectural audio expertise.

Innovative Product Lineup

The series introduces four groundbreaking products:

  • WiiM CI MOD S1: A single-zone streamer perfect for individual areas.
  • WiiM CI MOD S4: A four-zone streamer for comprehensive coverage.
  • WiiM CI MOD A1-60: A single-zone 60W amplifier, and
  • WiiM CI MOD A-110: A single-zone 110W amplifier for more demanding installations.

Each product boasts audiophile-grade ESS DACs, rack-mountable designs, and is designed for easy integration with various control platforms, ensuring versatility and premium sound quality.

A New Direction for WiiM

The WiiM MOD line represents WiiM’s expansion into the custom install space, leveraging the popularity and performance of its Mini, Pro, and Pro Plus models in the consumer sector. Features include installer-friendly designs with rack mounting capabilities and support for third-party integrations.

What to Expect

Professionals in the audio installation field are particularly excited about the CI Series’ potential. With continuous support and compatibility with different control platforms, these products are set to meet the high standards of both audiophiles and professional installers.

Stay Updated

For the latest developments on the WiiM Professional CI Series and other WiiM products, keep an eye on Audacity Australia’s social platforms. As more details emerge, we’re dedicated to being your premier source of information on these innovative audio solutions.

Audacity Australia is an official Australian distributor of WiiM Streaming products. If you’re looking to add the fantastic range of WiiM products to your business don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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