New WiiM Ultra Music Streamer Back Connections HDMI ARC

Credits: CEPro

Not long ago Wiim introduced its Wiim Amplifier, offering a new amplifier solution, the company has just announced its Wiim Ultra Amplifier.

According to the company, its latest product is inspired by its flagship streaming product, the Wiim Pro PlusWiim states that its new Wiim Ultra Amplifier serves homeowners as the focal point of their AV systems and the unit employs audiophile-grade internal components to produce high levels of performance and value.

Externally, the amp’s front panel features a 3.5-inch touchscreen that provides access to an array of functions, including high-resolution audio streaming, room-correction equalization, and smart home integration that includes mating the Wiim Ultra to speakers or another type of amplifier solution.

Wiim says the Wiim Ultra Amplifier can also be used with subwoofers, smart speakers, Bluetooth headsets, turntables, TVs, and other components. Internally, the product incorporates a digital-to-analog converter (DAC) to support the connection of digital source components. The amplifier’s rear panel includes a choice of analog RCA inputs and outputs, phono in, subwoofer out, coaxial out, digital optical in and out, HDMI with ARC, USB, and an Ethernet port for LAN connections.

Wiim adds that its latest product, the WiiM Ultra, will officially launch on May 9, 2024.

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